The Deployment Assistance is actually a web depending tool which asks some questions from the users about the present environment generating the custom by and by, a checklist which helps the deploy exchange server in the organization’s premises abreast with its migration to Office 365.


Alongside this, the best part of the Exchange Deployment Assistance is that it also helps the plans of administrators to exchange server installations and upgrades as well.


Moreover, with its conceptualization, administrators can easily log on the Exchange Server Deployment Assistant which is also termed as ExDeploy, especially when it comes to the Microsoft’s website. From here, pools of the queries are posed with respect to the state of its current Exchange Server Deployment.


Alas!!! With a completion of queries which have been successfully answered, a tool consists of the checklists depending on the environment of the administrators. Owing to such sort of the facilitation, it also helps in describing the mandatory steps that are required in the migration of the Exchange Server to cloud environment or hybrid.


After such processes, the administrator can easily save or print all the check assortments as well as a checklist, as the specific task gets completed.