Joe Bobier


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West Virginia, USA

When you need a mobile app or a website built, you generally have two choices; You can have it built in the U.S. or you can have it built overseas. While U.S. built sites are generally pretty good, they tend to be extremely expensive. With labor rates up to 10X the cost of overseas work, you can often be priced right out of your project.

Great business ideas need a great on-line presence. With overseas developers, you can get great work done, but communication and language barriers are invariably a problem. Overseas developers are among the brightest and best educated in the world, but time differences, communications and language place a barrier between you and your idea and the management of your project.

That's where I come in. I'm an American, based in America and fully experienced at bridging the gap between you, your project and the low cost but talented developers overseas. I know how to get your project done, not only on time and budget, but also without the need for you to proof every single part of the project for grammar, spelling and your intent. Best of all, you still get the low cost of terrific overseas talent, but with an American experience.